Monday, March 20, 2006


Hello people

Sorry there's no picture to this I would have liked to have shown you my last which is of the Buddha and has the details of how to find this and the other blogs. The title of it is: Legend has it that in the six years prior to reaching enlightenment the Buddha eat nothing but Cannabis leaves and seeds.

The minister for Health n Social Services has received the tect of that from an copy in some academic study of the substance, and its ussage in society. It's only unfortunate that they would rather users suffer the enivitable debilitating effects that long term ussage has on their health, all because the government have appearances to keep. What would the health difference be if ussers were educated to drink it like in the coffee shops in Amsterdam??

Maybe their physical health might be improved. There are enough long term users who are suffering the effects of heavy smoking mostly needlessly. Six years ago I asked the Social Services as a mojority of their client groups probably use it whether they would act as advocats of a change in policy from government, on health grounds alone, never mind the taking of the drugs money out of the dealers hands, if the self same policy allowed for the growing of it in their gardens, of homes. None of this has been done, even though Wales now has a health minister who is a qualified medical doctor.

If you talk with mental health suffers you will find that when they talk about it on the wards in pychiatric units that the wards are alot more peaceable. The Government claim that they want client lead services they say that they want to cut down on the spend to the multi national drug companies, what would be more beneficial then than having the clients growing their own dope at the psychiatric unit as some kind of theraputic activity and maybe growing other stuff there as well, either plants shrubs, even tomatoes and lettuce given that most have been situated with large grounds.

But prejudice seems to rule, a generation born of the 40's are in the main in office at the welsh assembly, with all the cultural myths prevalent in that era encoded into their systems, blinding them maybe. If it hadn't don't you think that they will have dealt with this or all the other issues that I have brought to their door over the last 6.5 years?????

So, will there be a change Mr. Dr Gibbon, or are users to suffer the long term effects of carsonigenic intake(sorry about the spelling but I do this one the 'what more would you do if it didn't have to be perfect' basis')or are you going to recommend an education of if you are going to use it then you would be better off drinking it.

Lets go back to the anti-depressants now shall we Dr. Gibbon, I am still waiting ever so patiently for the figures of how many adults committed suicide while on the prescibed drug Seroxat in the u.k. I am also patiently waiting for the figures of how many adults were sectioned while on the prescribed drug Cipramil. To all the members of the Wlsh Assembly health n Social Services committee can one to you find out what the Water charge is for a three bedroom property in my area is, so that I can compare it to the sub-divided property that I currently inhabit, as so far noone has been willing to provide it to me even though I have asked repeatedly for this as part of the 'Vulnerable adults just case cows for the professional elite' cause.

I also wonder when the mental health charities are really gonna stir it up on behalf of their client groups, so that they are no longer cash cows for the professional elite, even though they sup currently at that trough.

Love n Light and a good read is Serge King and the Aloha Spirit, search google and you will find it. Bless you all.


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